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Welcome to the all new Shop Hot website! This site is designed to bring customers and retailers together like never before. As a lingerie retailer you are invited to join our site free of charge. Since our launch several months ago we've been on an aggressive marketing campaign to attract new customers looking for just the kind of items your company sells! This is your chance at a great opportunity for some free advertising. This is "Targeted Marketing". Only people looking for "Lingerie" will be coming to this site. It's not some guy looking for lawnmowers who then just has a look at the sexy pictures in the lingerie section. True, honest leads! That's what we offer you!

If you are familiar with other search/referral sites you know they can be a pain to get your datafeed in order. Not here! We are using a proprietary user interface that offers our members the easiest upload experience anywhere! Just about any datafeed you already have will probably work! It's instantly live too. No more waiting for hours or days to see the changes. Plus, once it's loaded you can modify each item individually if you like or just write over your old feed with a new one to update everything at once. That kind of flexibility gives you a great chance to maximize your listing.

These days the key to success is Maximum Exposure! That's what successful marketing is all about and that is exactly what we offer. Our two top tier levels offer you a chance to get in on our new "Merchant Spotlight" section. At random a Gold or Platinum Merchant will be displayed on our homepage with a link to their "Spotlight" page. Potential customers will read all about you and see how many items you have listed on our site. Join our top tier and you get your company added to our banner ad pool that displays on every page. Find cheaper, true targeted banner ads anywhere! We dare you!

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150  $ Free
400 $ 120
Enhanced Listing Quarterly
150 $50
400 $170
800 $300
Deluxe Listing Quarterly
150 $70
400 $190
800 $320
1600 $520
Gold Listing Quarterly
150 $100
400 $220
800 $350
1600 $550
Platinum Listing Quarterly
150 $150
400 $270
800 $400
1600 $600

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